I guess it has been obvious for a while, but I have not had the time to cherish this community. So I am no longer maintaining this site.

For now the forum is still accessible, but it is likely this site will disappear from the web some day in the future.

Things have also changed a lot over the past few years. In the past it was hard to gain access to Maaya and her music. She had a site, but it was in Japanese. Now instead we have things like a YouTube channel with regular new videos. This change has killed the need for a fan-maintained forum.

Have a nice day!

- Merri (Still want to follow me? You can find me on Mastodon!)

Online communities

I think we are finally seeing a trend back from company maintained centralized services back to the more welcome and open internet that we had before Facebook, Twitter, and other similar attention abusing services took over. Mastodon and all the other services based on what they call ActivityHub protocol let us build smaller communities that are a part of a bigger whole.

As for me, I already have one bigger community that I have been taking care of for a long time. And even for that I have had issues giving the attention it deserves. One person can only do so much. Besides, life hasn't always been easy. My mental health was challenged as I was being used, I discovered I'm an autist, had a divorce, and now I have a new relationship. Things like these require a lot of time.

Mozilla recently announced their own Mastodon server with strict but very good rules. We need more such warm and well moderated communities that Mozilla is striving for.