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by rykisi6606
2008-04-27 12:23
Forum: Garden of Everything
Topic: welcome to maayas Zoo!
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A carcal will do.

Golden fur shining in the's beautiful!XD

Good birds catcher and good listener--just like me.xd
by rykisi6606
2008-04-01 12:15
Forum: Maaya
Topic: Happy 28th birthday, Maaya-sama!
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by rykisi6606
2008-03-30 16:04
Forum: Garden of Everything
Topic: ~:.Ùñïvëršè.:~ trañš by Ïmü (Updated)
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Now to think of that, I've been trying to translate Universe into Chinese but it seems that I failed doing so... Anyway it's one of the favourite songs of mine in Sakamoto-san's songs. The melody really suits the title-when I'm listening to it, I feel like flowing in the space and watching billions ...
by rykisi6606
2008-03-30 15:55
Forum: Sea of Miracles
Topic: [ja] やくすよう!
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by rykisi6606
2008-03-30 15:51
Forum: Sea of Miracles
Topic: [ja] 「風待ジエット/スピカ」
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by rykisi6606
2008-03-30 15:35
Forum: Sea of Miracles
Topic: [zh] 曾经唱过坂本JJ的歌
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我喜歡真綾姐的Universe, Tell Me What The Rain Knows, Gravity及Inori!

把Inori的歌詞翻譯過來後就更喜歡這歌了! :D
by rykisi6606
2008-03-30 15:10
Forum: Sea of Miracles
Topic: [zh] 3月31日,祝坂本真綾(まぁやじゃん)生日快
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坂本姐,生日快樂~chu! :D [/size]