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by crayonkung
2011-07-20 13:17
Forum: Maaya
Topic: New album 'driving in the silence' - November 2011
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RE: New concept album - November 2011

I'm really excited. Can't wait for her new album!! now the theme is "winter". I think maaya's voice will do the great job to this theme. In fact, I started to love her songs after discovered them in winter. I enjoyed them very much in that time. So winter is my MEMORIES. Maaya's voice and the air of...
by crayonkung
2008-06-07 03:59
Forum: Maaya
Topic: Maaya in new Anime Role
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Kara no Kyoukai will come in a form of parts.......right? I want to know how many parts in this movie. Now an EDsong didn't sing by maaya. I hope in the last part of Kara no Kyoukai ........ Maaya will sing for the EDsong I saw that music producer is Yuki Kajiara ........... So I hope that it will h...
by crayonkung
2008-06-06 03:06
Forum: Sea of Miracles
Topic: Hello
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Hello sa wat dee krup I'm a new member at this Maaya's fan forum. I am Thai...... Thailand I love Maaya's songs very much and I have all ten albums of hers. But Maaya...... She isn't famous in Thailand. So I haven't a one of person to share about this feeling. Last year. I try to invite my friend li...