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by archtorii
2012-10-02 14:31
Forum: Maaya
Topic: Little old though but give it a look at please
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RE: Little old though but give it a look at please

ct760ster wrote: Here is a poll about the career of Maaya-neesan and Mikuni-neesan, although is dated is interesting for comparison ;) ... hp?t=38908

Tell us what you think about :)
Still prefer Maaya-san, based on vocal, music, & lyric.
by archtorii
2012-07-24 01:20
Forum: Maaya
Topic: Maaya Sakamoto Tour 2012
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RE: Maaya Sakamoto Tour 2012

what the !? ... again ?? better to stay tune more frequently :d \(o.o)/
by archtorii
2012-05-29 06:33
Forum: Garden of Everything
Topic: Newbie Marathon
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RE: Newbie Marathon

Name: wahyu Location: Indonesia Gender: Male Age: 30 (2012) Birthdate: October 28th Born: Surabaya, Indonesia Languages spoken: English, Indonesian (B1 CEF) Hobbies: Internet, Mangas, Dorama, Anime Stuff I do sometimes: don't know. sometime this, that & there Maaya Fan since: 2004 First song: Kazema...
by archtorii
2012-05-29 06:26
Forum: Sea of Miracles
Topic: Thread Resmi Maaya Indonesia
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RE: Thread Resmi Maaya Indonesia

permisi permisi :)