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by Kaimugen
2006-07-23 14:54
Forum: Garden of Everything
Topic: Mikuni Shimokawa
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Mikuni Shimokawa

out of curiosity has anyone else heard Mikuni's version of Yakusoku wa iranai? i have some Mikuni discs, mainly cos i like her Full Metal Panic songs but her cover of Yakusoku wa iranai made me cringe and skip the track. anyone want to offer any opinions?
by Kaimugen
2006-07-23 14:39
Forum: Maaya
Topic: The Maaya album (2005 – 2010, closed)
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Hello, my first post. overall i favour Lucy but rate by album like so:

Grapefruits: 7/11
DIVE: 7/11
Lucy: 9/12
Easy Listening: 2/7 (ouch)
Shounen Alice: 8/16
Yuunagi LOOP: 9/12

technically i feel that Shounen Alice is Maaya sama's strongest album but i just prefer Lucy, DIVE and Yuunagi LOOP :D