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by yf19-sama
2011-04-11 20:33
Forum: Maaya
Topic: Is Maaya ok?
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RE: Is Maaya ok?

We lives in very challenging times at this end of cycle for sure! Without even talking about the mess done by the tsunami..what ACTUALLY HAPPEN since the 11March is worst that a Chernobyl event in many points of view. I was worried knowing who far this even will go (the radiations pollution is the l...
by yf19-sama
2011-02-22 04:15
Forum: Maaya
Topic: The Best Maaya Album 2010
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RE: The Best Maaya Album 2010

Since Everywhere is already a sort of "best of" I think its not really fair to have it on the list.

By the way I enjoy all of them, depending on the mood and my DRT
by yf19-sama
2010-09-20 16:03
Forum: Lyrics and tablature
Topic: Utsukushii Hito - translation?
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RE: Utsukushii Hito - translation?

I am actually very familiar with the meaning of the words in Mandarin, myself being a native reader/speaker. I chose not to transliterate meilideren and qinaideren because in the original song they were in a different language than the Japanese lyrics, and I wanted to retain that nuance of a "langu...
by yf19-sama
2010-09-20 13:54
Forum: Admin area
Topic: Moved from phpBB2 to MyBB
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RE: Moved from phpBB2 to MyBB

Nice work on the update, thanks!
by yf19-sama
2010-07-06 05:53
Forum: Garden of Everything
Topic: Which anime made you cry?
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Earth Girl Arjuna is a great one to make my cry , specially when I feel the BIG PICTURE DRAMA occuring actually on earth (relative with 2012 issues).

I'm also very touched by Maaya's - Universe Clip in this way :cry:
by yf19-sama
2008-12-27 10:58
Forum: Maaya
Topic: Sakamoto Maaya 2008 Calendar
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Très belle collection, sa me ferai plaisir de l'avoir pour mon anniv
by yf19-sama
2007-09-05 13:47
Forum: Maaya
Topic: Maaya's Love Life <33333333
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Feeling in love with her, the dilemma's everyone have to deal with. Maaya sing and act with all her hearth every time so consider your feelings normal because his voice go deep inside soul and mind. Image you have from her differ compared to the real person and the quality you spotted in she can be ...