Little anniversary present EDITED!

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Little anniversary present EDITED!

Post by Tenson » 2005-03-27 22:34

:maayagrin: Hi all!
Here is a present for celebrate the anniversary of our beloved

It's a RadioBlog with a song. I haven't upload it to a webspace of mine because it needs php for work. It only have to be upload and put a link in the page you want (maybe main page?) I think Merri won't have any problem.

It can be used for show samples of Maaya's art to our visitors or show new songs (like Loop). We also can make a thread for people requests, or polls or something like this.
I hope that will make our site better known :)

I can take charge of it manteinance if you all finaly think that's a good idea.


EDIT: It doesn't work :(
May I send it to your email, Merri? :3

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