We get more space and bandwidth!

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We get more space and bandwidth!

Post by Merri » 2004-12-09 05:33

Due to upgrades of the services, bandwidth will be increased from 12 GB to whopping 25 GB/month and 500 MB server space upgrades to 1GB!

The thing is: we currently use only about 200 MB/month of the bandwidth. Though it is getting bigger this month as I'm hosting the video clips on the server.

Really... should make those darn pages! I still haven't moved my Maaya pages here -_-
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Post by chibiNekomancer » 2004-12-12 07:26

More bandwith means..... means.... music! XD

Or how about if we make a photo gallery of Maaya?

In any case its good for the site! ^^
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