New release: Single Collection+ "Achikochi"

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New release: Single Collection+ "Achikochi"

Post by roxfan »

Exactly 24 years ago (1996/04/24), Maaya's debut single "Yakusoku wa Iranai" was released. To commemorate that:
  1. Official web site has been updated
  2. 25th aniversary album Single Collection+ "Achikochi" will be released on July 15th
  3. A special issue "Maaya Sakamoto In MUSIC MAGAZINE" will be released on July 16th (planned)
CD info:

Firsr press limited edition: 2CD+BD / VTZL-176 / ¥6,300+tax
Regular edition: 2CD / VTCL-60532~3 / ¥4,000 + tax
2CDs with tracks from past singles, digital-only releases, tribute albums and more.

Limited edition Blu-Ray includes:

Video clip collecton
01. Hajimari no Umi
02. Be mine!
03. Replica
04. Shiawas ni Tusite Watashi ga Shitteiru Itsutsu no Houhou
05. Million Clouds
07. Hello Hello
08. Gyakkou
09. Uchuu no Kioku
10. Clover

Open Air Museum 2017 live at Miyajima (2017/06/04)

Flying Dog 1th anniversary live "Inu Fes" live viewing playback (2019/02/02)

Available for preorder at CDJapan: limited, regular.

Here's hoping for a 25th anniversary tour next year!
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Re: New release: Single Collection+ "Achikochi"

Post by ZigZag »

hmm strange seeing Secreal in the tracklist since there is Koe in FM album and I wonder why is there cloud 9? is it different from ost version? anyways I really wished there would be orignal song like Nekoze in Mitsubachi not a cover of random group
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