Vitamin M 1000th commemoration event

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Vitamin M 1000th commemoration event

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The last Friday (July 2), the 1000th episode of Maaaya's Bay FM radio program "Vitamin M" has been aired. In commemoration, she wrote a song especially for the program, named 千里の道 (Sen Ri no Michi, "A thousand mile jorney") with Kento Ohgiya arranging and performing the piano.

The live part of the episode was exceptionally recorded at the Victor Studio and will be available on Youtube until July 31st:

The acoustic version of "Itsuka Tabi ni Deru Hi" was also performed.

The on-air radio recording has no songs but more comments from the various people that worked with Maaya on the program and will be available until this Friday (July 9th) when the 1001th airing will happen:
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