AnimeFest 2005 Concert in Dallas, TX

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Post by Noinini » 2005-10-07 14:25

[quote="Tofusensei"]haha, I probably been a real Maaya fan since before you even heard of her :D


That reminds me of how I thought for the longest time that I've been a fan for longer than anyone else I met who likes her - argh, the nostalgia. ^.^; Now I can't even remember for how long I've been a fan. (Not that long, though... you make yourself sound like you're old. XD )

Anyways, thanks for the info! I hope she doesn't retire before I get the chance to see her... I mean, it doesn't seem likely that any Japanese artist will really and truly become a worldwide star (just thinking of Utada Hikaru's debut in the US O.o). So, if the mountain doesn't come to me, I will come to the mountain. Eh.

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Post by drhaibane » 2005-10-07 17:46

i got second row center seats!! it's cuz i worked at the con that they gave me priority seating :) AHH i got to sit next to ramen and rice for a while, but then i had to move back (they were in row 1). :maaya:

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