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Post by sailorsim » 2005-09-20 15:43

I think Maaya was great as Aeris. But then again, has there been a character that she's voiced which did not suit her? maybe they should have let her voice Tifa instead - then we'd get to hear more of her. :evil:

The way Aeris was included in the movie was a little too dramatic and sappy, but hey... we know Square's trying to tug at our heart strings with her character anyway. so, i'll just close one eye and let that pass.

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Post by Bazaa » 2005-09-21 14:53

I thought that the story was a bit weird, imo :? I felt it was all rushed, but, well, it was a 90 min movie, so I wasn't expecting much more. Anyway, Maaya appeared much more than I thought she was going to, considering Aeris situation ^^; I thought that she was going to say a phrase or two and then bye bye ^^;;; Fortunately, it wasn't like that :neko:
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