NEW ALBUM 'Kazeyomi' OUT! 36,061 first week no.3

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NEW ALBUM 'Kazeyomi' OUT! 36,061 first week no.3

Post by dillpops » 2008-10-21 15:16

And that's all we have for now :D

So which singles will be included?...
Full tracklist:

2009 14th January
VTZL-8 ¥3,570
VTCL-60085 ¥3,045


02.Triangler (TVアニメ「マクロスF」OPテーマ)
   作詞:Gabriela Robin 作曲・編曲:菅野よう子

03. kazemachi JET~kazeyomi edition (TVアニメ「ツバサ・クロニクル」EDテーマNew Version)
   作詞:坂本真綾 作曲・編曲:鈴木祥子

04.Remedy (TVアニメ「鉄のラインバレル」新EDテーマ)
   作詞:坂本真綾 作曲・編曲:solaya

05.ame ga furu (TVアニメ「鉄のラインバレル」EDテーマ)
   作詞:坂本真綾 作曲:かの香織 編曲:斎藤ネコ

06.Get No Satisfaction!
   作詞:坂本真綾 作曲:北川勝利 編曲:河野 伸

07.Aoi no Ether (TVアニメ「マクロスF」挿入歌セルフカヴァー)
   作詞:坂本真綾 作曲・編曲:菅野よう子

08.Shitsuren Cafe
   作詞:坂本真綾 作曲:TABO 編曲:中村タイチ

09.SONIC BOOM (OAD「ツバサ春雷記」OPテーマ)
   作詞:坂本真綾 作曲・編曲:市川裕一

   作詞:坂本真綾 作曲・編曲:BARGAINS

11.Saigo no Kajitsu (OAD「ツバサTOKYO REVELATIONS」主題歌)
   作詞:坂本真綾 作曲:鈴木祥子 編曲:斎藤ネコ

12.Colors (コニカミノルタプラネタリウム“満天”in Sunshine City「Planet cafe 星空の虹」イメージソング)
   作詞:tim jensen 作曲:ACO 編曲:河野 伸

   作詞:坂本真綾 作曲:横田はるな 編曲:渡辺善太郎

14.Guitar Hiki ni naritai na
   作詞:坂本真綾 作曲・編曲:神田朋樹

DVD contents:
1. Saigo no Kajitsu PV
2. Triangler PV
3. Ame ga furu PV


Officially up for pre-order as a limited edition and normal edition at and HMV Japan (not CDjapan yet). There's a 500yen difference in price (not much, eh?).

However, going back to the site that first reported it COMA have put up a little blurb about the album. I'm still can't find this on the web but he seems to be very up to date in this stuff. The blurb says the DVD will be the full versions of three PV's we've seen: Triangler, Saigo no Kajitsu and Ame ga Furu. But it also lists the people working on the album, Yoko Kanno, the people who did the other to songs but interestingly it also lists that man who used to be in Superfly and ACO. That's pretty cool.

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Post by kirei_lanford » 2008-10-21 15:59

whoaaa!! great..

two of my fave j-music acts are going to release album two months in a row.
ill be broke.

will the dvd include pvs?? hmm.. interesting.
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Post by mike_s_6 » 2008-10-22 02:26

Track list!!! :)

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Post by Kaimugen » 2008-10-22 03:06

Great news, its been so long since 30minutes. And she hasn't put out a full album in ages. If there is a dvd I hope its a live collection like Sakura and I have been wanting.
Track wise, it would be nice to have new stuff since I got the singles anyway. Maaya is pretty good with releasing new songs on her albums.

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Post by #F! » 2008-10-23 13:52

Yes, wonderfull news!!!!

I hope that DVD comes with Saigo no Kajitsu,
Triangler and Ame ga Furu PVs!

Will this album be a original album or a single colletion, like Hotchpotch or Nikopachi?

If it will be a single collection, so will come with Kazemachi Jet, Action, Saigo no Kajitsu,
Triangler and Ame ga Furu!

Anyway, I think that will be a great album!

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Post by kjj » 2008-10-23 14:40

This album will be a original album

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Post by Chibikko » 2008-10-29 16:20

wicked. i knew this had to be coming sometime soon.

and now we wait for the information to roll on in.


CDJapan Pre-Orders!
Regular Edition
Limited Edition

It says theres a first press external bonus....probably meaning...

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Post by Kaimugen » 2008-10-30 10:47

Heads up! First press with dvd is available as a pre-order now at cdj. The dvd has three pvs (where's my live!?)
And unless Maaya has sneakily recorded some new stuff with Kanno it looks like Triangler and the recent singles will be included. So that accounts for 3 of 14 or so tracks.
Oh, and I get the feeling there will be a poster with this one.

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Post by jigenbakuda » 2008-10-30 18:00

muwahaha, I'm feeling so good about this cd. I'm super hyped. I want maaya to release a super awesome album, january is not that far away, amaze me maaya!

Also I needs me PVs, I seriously have to try for a limited edition. Or convince my girlfriend to buy me one :)

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Post by Imurann » 2008-10-30 20:49

I'm expecting more songs like Purarine XD

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Post by Tenson » 2008-10-31 20:06

I have never bought a CD in Internet.
Is CDJapan the best choice?

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Post by Kaimugen » 2008-11-01 01:13

Tenson, I've been using CDJapan for years and never had any problems with them. I cant say if it is the best choice but I like cdj and always order through them, especially for limited edition items.
There are other places like Amazon Japan and Yes Asia but I don't order music from them. Any members here who use them can tell you more.

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Post by kirei_lanford » 2008-11-03 14:12

[quote="Imurann"]I AM AGAINST SAD SONGS!! DON'T DO IT MAAYA!![/quote]

hello is sad but i like it.. I'm actually stunned at how well maaya could sing a sad song like that with a different approach. Some maaya songs like another grey day, t-shirt or kuuki to hoshi also has sad tunes but they're good. anyway, as we already know, maaya rarely sung sad ballad.

although for me, beautiful is the top word to describe my direction or taste toward music,, second is thoughtful or soulful, then colorful or dynamic.
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Post by roxfan » 2008-11-09 23:44

Partial tracklist posted by coma.

Album title: Kazeyomi (Wind reading?).

1. Triangler (Macross F OP)
Lyrics: Gabriela Robin Music&Arrangement Music&Arrangement: Yoko Kanno
2. Ame ga Furu (Kurogane no Linebarrel ED)
Lyrics: Maaya Sakamoto Music: Caoli Cano Arrangement: Saitou Neko
3. Kazemachi Jet ~ kazeyomi edition (Tsubasa Chronicle ED New Version)
Lyrics: Maaya Sakamoto Music&Arrangement: Suzuki Shouko
4. Saigo no Kajitsu (Tsubasa Tokyo Revelations theme song)
Lyrics: Maaya Sakamoto Music: Suzuki Shouko Arrangement: Saitou Neko
5. Ao no Ether (Macross F insert song self cover)
Lyrics: Maaya Sakamoto Music&Arrangement: Yoko Kanno
6. Remedy (Kurogane no Linebarrel new ED)
Lyrics: Maaya Sakamoto Music&Arrangement: solaya
7. Sonic Boom (Tsubasa Shunraiki OP)
Lyrics: Maaya Sakamoto Music&Arrangement: Ichikawa Yuuichi(?)
8. Colors (Konica Minolta Planetarium "Manten" in Sunshine City "Planet cafe Aozora no Niji" image song)
Lyrics: Tim Jensen Music: ACO Arrangement: Kouno Shin

14 tracks in total

DVD contents:
Saigo no Kajitsu PV
Triangler PV
Ame ga Furu PV

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Post by Kaimugen » 2008-11-10 04:07

Cool a Maaya english track, its been so long since the last one and Aoi no ether should be superb. Pity there are so many tracks that have already been released as a single though, about 2/3rds of the album. Makes me think I should stop buying singles.

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