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Post by Chibikko » 2004-12-21 01:58

Did you guys know that Maaya did a video game earlier this year with Gackt?

I didn't know that. (I'm a bad fan of both of them! :oops: )

Yeah...heh. It's a Playstation2 game....looks like I'm going to be getting a Playstation2! :lol:

Bunjingai Pressy stuff

Image of just Maaya and Gackt together (edited)

Has anyone played this, or heard about this or whatever?
*sorry if this thread already exists*

Maaya and Gackt together.....I love it. It's perfect! :wacko:

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Post by dillpops » 2004-12-21 13:06

Meh, Gackt seems nice, I like him on TV shows, but I don't like his voice or his looks. Which is unusual considering I'm a teenage girl. I know about this game, it was pretty cool to seem them together ^_^

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Post by Moe » 2004-12-23 03:25

Hmm.. talking about PS2 games, I just recently got my hands on Missing Blue game. It's pure Japanese, so I just bought it for collection. It's a very old shop and that was the last copy the shop had >.< and I was shopping from another state from where I was living in.
(The shopkeeper said it's was my luck to get what I wanted >.<)

Maaya sang a song in this anime, beautiful too. Too bad no lyrics had been made yet. Ok, hang on.. need to get to my pc which had dsl line. This stupid dial-up cant do much uploads. Other than singing, she played as one of the character Ariel Seerina something* the green-hair girl. Beautiful too ^^

The length is alike Chiisana Hemisphere, 2 mins plus. But I simply love what she say in it. chotto nee..

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Post by Sora » 2005-01-11 00:06

[quote="Moe"]Maaya sang a song in this anime, beautiful too. Too bad no lyrics had been made yet. [/quote]

Look here : http://membres.lycos.fr/skyvision/Maaya ... 0Aqua.html ^_~

It's from my website^^ (http://skyvision.multimania.com) but too bad I have no time right now to update it... ;_;

Enjoy :)
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