"In the Silence" Concert DVD / Blu-ray out in May

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RE: "In the Silence" Concert DVD / Blu-ray out in May

Post by dillpops » 2012-06-24 09:34

To be honest, some people are not not natural dancers. For example, May'n has a lot of dance moves but I find her to be very unnatural at moving. I would prefer Maaya not to dance if she's uncomfortable with it - leave that to the young idol types.

She didn't dance when she was younger so I don't see any need for her to do it now. I go to the concerts to hear her sing the songs I like, not to dance ^^;;;

Let's leave the dancing to these boys, eh?

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RE: "In the Silence" Concert DVD / Blu-ray out in May

Post by Unrecognized » 2012-07-03 19:45

Somehow I received fisrt press edition BD, though completely missed the release... do wonders really happen? Well, life does the same, in a way.

...and it was absolutely fascinating, I just keep trembling and can't shake a smile off the face. A little stupid but sooo joyful feeling ^_^
Wish Maaya would've visited Ukraine someday ^^

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RE: "In the Silence" Concert DVD / Blu-ray out in May

Post by Yyrkoon70 » 2012-09-01 20:51

I'm digging up an old post, but I watched this concert again some days ago, and I wanted to share the fact I find it fantastic! I find the whole performance well constructed and Maaya's live performance (and her English accent!) keeps on improving! I listened to Another Grey Day in the Big Blue World, Inori, Buddy, Kyokuya (which were already some of my favorites) a lot of times in a row :)
I don't know when yet but I'll go again to Japan someday, and when I do that I will buy this concert blu-ray for sure!

Oh, and though I have the Gift blu-ray and I really love this concert, I'm glad this time she's not wearing weird costumes :D

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RE: "In the Silence" Concert DVD / Blu-ray out in May

Post by archtorii » 2012-11-29 06:32

Jérôme. wrote:
roxfan wrote: I totally did not pay attention to how she moved (or not) during the concert.
For me, it was at Budokan it was shocking.
She sang 4 or 5 songs before beginning to move one leg, she was just static, it was very stange.

For the InTheSilence, it was very much normal, and she was acting on stage as any other rock singer I know (I'm not saying she is a rock singer, I just compare to other artist I know, to be clear); again, it is not Maaya wa have to blame.
I did laugh a lot when she even ask her audience to smile ;p
sorry to bring this up again,

In Budokan? Gift? not really, especially on "Hemisphere", that song is quite difficult to handle, especially she had to reserved her stamina for the other song,
just imagine the tune, tempo & timing..

also with that "Gift" costume, she could do it !! :D
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RE: "In the Silence" Concert DVD / Blu-ray out in May

Post by gradualpetrify » 2012-11-30 23:17

I don't want her to move artificially. I just wondered why she was more open and easygoing at "We are kazeyomi", and at the next concerts more reserved.

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