Re-post:New live performing from Maaya-neesan?

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Re-post:New live performing from Maaya-neesan?

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Hey guys, sorry to have to re-post this thread a little bit outdated, but the original one was spammed so badly that I have to take measure and ensure nobody can take profit from that, so please bear with me. THX ;)
New live performing from Maaya-neesan?
Here I stumble upon this new update from the japanese site and from the link apparently they give a chance for the fans to choose the song that Maaya-neesan would be performing in the aforementioned live so I tried filling up the online suggestion form and it's apparently go thru without requiring a japanese address or phone number so give your input also and make a suggestion of your favorite album Wink ... 1001113834

countdown65 wrote: ' 03 live *- Shounen Alice is the best album by far! I also would like DIVE song live too, but I prefer 03. She sang Lucy songs recently... xDDD '

Li_Nickole wrote: ' Kuuki to Hoshi! (Or has she perfomed that song full?)

Thank you so much!!! '

LennStar wrote: ' that is getting really spamming here. Seems a bot broke through - 10 different spam posts that cant even decide on the language :D '
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