Loop - metal mix (+yakusoku wa iranai / 指輪 Yubiwa piano cover)

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Loop - metal mix (+yakusoku wa iranai / 指輪 Yubiwa piano cover)

Post by milites » 2013-05-03 12:48

Hi guys :) long time no see! I think last time I visited Maaya's was about 1 1/2 years
ago when I uploaded Yoko san's live concert in Korea bootleg.

I found this "metal version" of Loop on Youtube years ago and recorded as an mp3.
It seems that a talented (amateur?) elec guitarist made this along with Maaya-neesan's
voice extract (probably used destructive interference between original song and Karaoke version, I guess),
and I have been enjoying listening to this "metal version" quite a while.

Sadly, the original video had been deleted a long time ago, so I uploaded the mp3 file
on my Soundcloud account so that you guys would also enjoy this talented musician's
superb performance! Click the link below :) (it's also downloadable)

Loop - Metal mix

...and I also uploaded my humble piano solo performance of "Yakusoku wa iranai"
and "Yubiwa" (ring) I arranged, practiced and recorded these about 4 years ago
and this really brings back memories of "good old days" to me :(
I hope you guys enjoy this nostalgic song, even though my piano skill isn't any good.

Yakusoku wa iranai piano arranged ver.

Yubiwa - Piano arranged ver.

I ordered "Driving in the silence+" and "Everywhere" sheet music and they're going
to be delivered to me next week, most probably. I'm going to practice "誓い" as soon as I receive the songbook :)

Now I live in Seoul, South Korea, so if anybody is planning to visit Seoul, plz let me know. Have a nice weekend!
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RE: Loop - metal mix (+yakusoku wa iranai / 指輪 Yubiwa piano cover)

Post by Imurann » 2013-05-04 12:36


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