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Sorry for the impromptu

Posted: 2013-05-12 11:09
by ct760ster

Hey guys, please don't take this like a spam, but I couldn't resist to share with you this series of videos from the Escaflowne movie concert held during the 2000, these videos are almost as old as the youtube itself but they didn't surpass the 6226 view count each, so I was wondering if we can start sharing it with all of our contacts to make it pass the 10000 views count mark.

I'm sure that with all the fans gathered around the web we can make it happen easily ;)




The second video is not so rare but I'm sure the first and third ones have not been spotted outside the ones attending the concert, since long ago. Also one last thing I cannot find reference to the wonderful Korean singer that share the scene with Maaya neesan, could somebody shed some light regarding that, THX :D

RE: Sorry for the impromptu

Posted: 2013-05-12 17:04
by Hale
Mm can't help you out much with the korean singer but based on some videos i ran across on youtube by refencing escaflowne and the korean vesion of it, her name should be 김수진 so that kinda helps... Except there's a lot of koreans using that name and there doesn't appear to be an english wiki on her.

Shrug. Good luck finding more information, sorry i couldn't be more helpful.