The Book of Calmness

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The Book of Calmness

Post by Imurann » 2019-05-19 14:06

Its been a while, but after all this time I have finally made a book, well an ebook, the ebook. If it isn't totally related with her songs, I wouldn't put it here in the first place. Its a total fictional story, and fun to be read. Well some parts are boring some are nice, I mixed blend it around.

I wrote this storybook since the last decade, well over ten long years, while listening to her songs.. in some sense it does have a bit of relation to the songs inner stories. However this is entirely from my own perception and understanding. I also guarantee that I have put all my efforts into creative writing, so forgive me if there is typo, confusing parts of the story or words, since English isn't my main forte, but we'll get there soon enough, still improving my word writings.

Book of Calmness - (JP / UK)

It is also now available on
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Thank you, also would love to hear comments about it. If you have dreams about it, please do tell. I did gave some few samples to my circle of friends over here and they all gave different perception about it, quite interesting.

Also, if you like, can also leave me a book comment or review so I can gather more ideas for future improvements. I'm still into traditional writing, and not really into comic or manga style. This book is also on goodreads, ... f-calmness you may also add me as friend, if you like (id: mumualpaka)

In my opinion, this book is funny as hell, I like dead jokes and comedy stories tbh. It does also covers other emotions, like sadness, hopelessness, imaginations and etc as well. Age group wise, I believe its a young-adult book.

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