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Earth news for those who care

Posted: 2013-12-02 19:10
by yf19-sama
Interested in reliable news about the 0311 Fukushima fallout situation I finally found useful things to bring to you guys, specially those who have Japanese contacts who can share the word in the country with appropriate translations.

Knowledge + response ability is power so I hope this helps!

An overview of the situation particularly in the pacific ocean

Japanese peoples experiencing the global censorship game

They plan to remove the MOX rods from reactor4 but there is inconsideration in their plans..

Its valuable info to consider from my point of view and I will be very glad if She can be "at least as aware as I am" concerning the situation.

During my first trip to Tokyo I could personally confirm many elements described in the videos some of witch may be hard to believe, including rad sensing or effects on children. :-/

Be well everyone.

I have noticed that often family and friends doesn't play attention so I would recommend to find some who do and leave the others in their clouds.

RE: Earth news for those who care

Posted: 2014-01-24 05:15
by batool100
That is a great news about earth. We should to care about it.