[Lyrics] Road Movie

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[Lyrics] Road Movie

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Didn't slept well yesterday, so I revisited a song which I had feels, and it was pretty "interesting" song tbh.

Has nothing to do if it coincidentally happen in real life, fact is lyrical writers minds are beyond comprehension.
Road Movie / ロードムービー
Original Writer: Yuho Iwasato (Japanese Lyrics)
Translator/Interpertation: Mumu Alpaka / N.Narumi
Genre: Psychedelic

Hey, if you were given chance to choose
What sort of memory do you wish to restore
And what if I was in that memory
Reliving life again as this road wanderer
And in at very that moment, I thought that my life was all over
But in reality, it hasn’t even ended and the adventure has not even started

Early that morning, it felt like waking up from a really bad hangover (life is fading)
Prosperity, thinking of what actually connecting them together (life is falling away)
To wherever that this never ending road keep bringing us to
“Cause I love you” voicing it out in a way that I comfortably would say
(At the moment we met, life is fading) together just with you

Aa, after I started the car engine, I just cant decide where to go
Without having any actual sense direction, while not have any sort of responsibility

Silently looking at you, selflessly sleeping on the passenger seat
I sort of pondered what sort of depressing dream you were dreaming of,
while keep hearing murmuring sentences like “take care now..” and “welcome back..”
repeated over and over

“I just simply want to love you..” (playing over in my mind) (life is falling)
“Its just too sad..” (playing over in my mind) (life is falling away)
Driving to wherever that you want to go
“Cause I love you” voicing it out in a way that made me laugh at myself
(In any time of the day)

“Eventually, you will be all alone again..” (alone again.. life is..?)
That this road is like a never ending marathon.. (life is falling away)
Wherever you try to run to, it will always return back to the earlier days once again
“Cause I love you” voicing it out in a way that I comfortably would say
(At the moment we met) together just with you
(At the moment we met) both with you and I
(At the moment we met) together just with you
https://sites.google.com/site/purarinep ... road-movie

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