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[Lyrics] Blank

Posted: 2018-07-29 22:56
by Imurann
SIDE B - Gyakko Single (2018)

[ Blank ] by Maaya Sakamoto
Interpertation / Translation: Mumu Alpaka
Updated on: 30 July 2018

When I turned around and I could not see your appearance anymore
I will not tell you anything, not until the very end, while touching into its deepest core topics

The blank inside of me can not be buried by anything
There is definitely the light that is to be seen ahead

I was born to live
There are no other certain reasons
I do not need a mission or even any meaning to life
The memory that you were going to live with
I do not want to end with sorrow
I will change the ending

The end of something is when something is about to start
A flower that looks on the other side might have been a mirage

Your destiny is merely a small gear part of a much bigger system
Its not something that you should even hesitate of losing
Unless, if you do not mind (giving up on it)

I want to continue living with the given time left
Not to fight on something just to end up to suffer even more
As you said
Please drop me a sign, give us all a sign, even a little rain that is kind enough to alter this selfish decision of mine
I only want you to see me off quietly at that final hour

That moment, I was in tears, I can not hear your voice anymore (in disappointed tone)
In doing so, don't you ever dare come running back to me (because there is no more roads leading here to me)

I was born to live
I do not need any other certain reason
I do not need a mission or meaning

I can continue to live with the memories that I had with you
I do not want to end with sorrow
Exactly as you said
The final ending can always be repainted anytime!

Re: [Lyrics] Blank

Posted: 2018-07-30 03:18
by Imurann
tbh.. its at most also 90% accurate.. try to understand the missing 10% by ear / listening.