okaerinasai chord

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okaerinasai chord

Post by kirei_lanford »

since i'm instantly in :heart: with this song.....
trying to figure out the guitar key.. just help me to correct the error ;)

it's like this:

Bb F G C 2x

F Bb Dm C
Am Dm Am Bb
F Bb Dm C
Am Dm Am Bb (Asus A)

Dm Am Bb Asus A
Dm Dm7 G
Gm C

F F?
D# D
Gm G? Gm7 G Gm C (repeat and back to verse)


ps: the ? r chords that i dunno.. has very limited knowledge in chords.. know what to press but dunno the name :P

and please correct the mistakes.. i'm aware of them, especially in the chorus
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RE: okaerinasai chord

Post by henn9438 »

I could give you mine own tab as we played it with The Other Side of Lucy on our album
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