Kaminari (kind of)

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Kaminari (kind of)

Post by Hale » 2013-05-04 21:23

Edit 2: had a friend of mine who speaks japanese retranslate and scold me for mistakes haha, so this should be relatively right, though feel free to correct and/or provide better translations as we're both not very well versed in it.
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RE: Kaminari (kind of)

Post by Hale » 2013-05-05 15:54

Count the time of seconds between light and sound arriving
I will draw slightly closer
An evening shower
Even though I hate the summer

Even in sad times, the tears won't come out
Why? <I wonder why?>
Be next to me <Be with me>
Even hugging each other <embracing>
I'm lonely <very lonely>

From the light until the sound
Until the feelings from the event
A short blank rolls

What are you looking at this time?

How far? <How far can we go?>
Will you follow? <I will follow>
Throughout all the people <Because when>
Even if they're lonely <Even if they die alone>
The solitary bond becomes deeply stronger
Even if I earnestly ask you to touch me
Become a strong thunder that intensify

Don't stop the rain, the rain
<Leave the rain, the rain>
Don't let it end, don't let it end.

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RE: Kaminari (kind of)

Post by Imurann » 2013-05-08 11:56

It's beautiful, both the song and translation..
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