[Request] 今日だけの音楽 / Kyō dake no ongaku

Lyrics, tablature and sheetmusic of Maaya's songs... and all that is related.
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[Request] 今日だけの音楽 / Kyō dake no ongaku

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Album 今日だけの音楽 / Kyō dake no ongaku (All songs)

This is a bit late now lol but anyone out there on planet earth wishes to do a full English songs translation for the whole album? I've been looking around but couldn't find even one (which is very strange hahaha). The language she used in this album (particularly) is unusual to me, but idk it's kinda the momentum we have here, most of her other songs have been translated properly / give or take lol (its merely impossible to translate a song actually perfectly, because the author probably have something else in her mind of it's actual meanings, more often she doesn't share with us all / just keep to herself). I hope we can get a translator to do this English song translations for us (for this album), because even for me.. it was proven quite difficult (but not impossible).
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