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Ten years ago

Posted: 2020-03-31 11:25
by roxfan
Relive the adventure and the meet-up
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Re: Ten years ago

Posted: 2020-04-01 07:17
by Jérôme.
Thanks Roxfan !
I wanted to post the same, you were more quick !

Yesterday evening, I watched again Gift concert. Soooo great :)

I was ready to come back for a 40 years party, but surprisly it didn't happen. But with the Covid pandemmy, it may be better, it certainly would have been cancelled (or at least foreigners would not have rights to land in Japan...)
I hope you are all well during these unexpected times.

Happy Birthday dear Maaya !!!

Re: Ten years ago

Posted: 2020-04-24 04:13
by Matmicha
You guys are so lucky to have witnessed this beautiful show ! I would love to see her at least once in my life...

Re: Ten years ago

Posted: 2020-04-27 23:43
by Yuki-chan
Wow, haven't checked this forum for a while and am so happy to see some old school members still going strong on the Maaya's fandom XD shame on me hasuidhasuidhiuasd
Nice seeing you all so genki :D (even tho this was 10 years ago asuidgahsudiasd) Keep up, guys! You are one of the best part of my youth years <3