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time to rank again!! ur all time MAAYA best ^

Posted: 2009-02-07 11:01
by kirei_lanford
time to rank it again,., just like the title says..

mybe this is too classic, but maaya's discography has grown so big and bigger.. so, hey perhaps some of you will have a change in the rank *and i bet you will* :lol:

for the number of songs to be rank.. i know it's hard.. so you can put as much as u want :lol: :lol:

for me,, it'll be 1 to 20, since only to this number could there be a room for four new songs *post shonen alice* to actually infiltrate the list..

20. active heart
19. purarine
18. okitegami
17. bike
16. remedy
15. uchuu hikoushi no uta
14. hello
13. tune the rainbow
12. afternoon repose
11. dreaming
10. hikari are
9. t-shirt
8. platina
7. tomodachi
6. gravity
5. mameshiba
4. dive
3. yubiwa
2. kaze ga fuku hi
1. hikari no naka e *and still* :D

urgh,, mybe just as close as this..
feeling a little dizzy,, :?

Posted: 2009-02-07 18:35
by LennStar
1. yubiwa
2. hikari no naka e
3. mameshiba

and then it gets really, really hard to decide on anything (or even remember all Top-10 candidates *lol*). So I wont go through this ;)

Posted: 2009-02-07 21:21
by Kaimugen
My top 4 are: 30min, Mameshiba, Hello and Purarine.

After that and in no particular order: the entire Lucy album, the last 3rd of DIVE, Kiseki no umi, Cloud 9, Hikari are, Chibikko Folk, Makiba Alice, Platina, Hemisphere, Kaze ga fuku hi, Remedy, Yubiwa (any version but especially 24 carat), tune the rainbow, Supica, NO FEAR, GIFT, tomodachi, Peanuts and action! for making me smile and Triangler (only if its the live version though).

Bearing in mind my Maaya playlist is currently 82 tracks long it would be easier to name the songs I'm not crazy about: most of Easy listening and Light of love.

Posted: 2009-02-08 12:01
by kirei_lanford
yeah i know it's hard to make rank out of many good, very good and outstanding maaya songs.. so u can put ur own style to rank them :P

anyway, i totally forget to put cloud 9 in, damn.. silly. i become rarely heard that song since someone in yoko kanno thread told the truth bout that song.. but to tell y the truth,, it's a brilliant song. no matter what's behind it.. :lol: *and it should go to top 10 easily, of course..*

Posted: 2009-02-09 18:56
by jason
Oy, there's no way I could rank my favorite Maaya songs. It was hard enough choosing a favorite track on Kazeyomi (I was the nut that voted for Peanuts XD).

There are some great Maaya songs easily overlooked because they are only available on anime soundtracks. Speaking of Cloud 9, another excellent song from the Wolf's Rain music is Tell Me What the Rain Knows. A real shame it's so short. Sanctuary from Arjuna is also a beautiful (albeit haunting) song.

Posted: 2009-02-10 00:38
by _guh
It's so hard to choose some songs T_T But I tried to make a Top 10 ^^' (I had to put PURARINE and PURACHINA together +_+ Love them equally XD)

04. Shitsuren KAFE
07. Hashiru
09. Uchuu Hikoushi no Uta

Posted: 2009-02-10 16:18
by kirei_lanford
so happy to see someone loves dreaming around as much as i do!! :lol: ... i thought i'm the only uncommoner about this..

but i see ur list are a little bit... i dunno _guh... so u like light shiny cute songs?? but bike isn't really the cute-type at all.. XD

if u can see in my list, i placed slow-paced tempo, beautifully arranged, *and sometimes has visual effect, such as dive*, and neat vocal line songs, or should i describe it as timeless *more like time-stop-ticking* type of songs at the top of the list.. well that's me all right..

i understand about that.. it's okay.. take ur time.. but if u still can't rank then be it. it might be one of the hardest thing to do.. i spent days to make that list too. :lol:

and i totally agree about tell me what the rain knows too. totally.

Posted: 2009-02-11 00:43
by spoony
Aww.. I noticed some of my favourite songs not appearing on people's lists, particularly Kuuki to Hoshi. It was really hard putting the songs in order, but I always had my particular favourite.

1. Mameshiba
2. Chibikko Folk
3. Hemisphere
4. Kuuki to Hoshi
5. Yoru
6. NO FEAR / Aisuru Koto
7. another grey day in the big blue world
8. Yukka
9. Tell Me What the Rain Knows
10. 30 minutes night flight
11. Saigo no Kajitsu
12. Colors
13. Kissing the Christmas killer
14. Hikari Are
15. Midori no Hane
16. Tune the Rainbow
17. Vector
18. T-shirt
19. Inori
20. Light of love

I nearly put the Escaflowne songs Hikari no Naka e, Kaze ga Fuku Hi and Yubiwa... but I didn't. *waits for people to start throwing things*

Posted: 2009-03-16 03:41
by frecklegirl
Okay, those of you who refuse to put "Purarine" as "Praline" need to also have "Dreaming" as "Doriimingu" so you can at least be consistent in your stubbornness (not talking to _guh, who is consistent). Seriously--the word is "Praline." That is what it means. Get used to it!

Posted: 2009-03-16 08:15
by Kaimugen
Jason, I would have liked to vote for peanuts. I wanted to vote for most of the album, even Triangler is sounding good. Its now not a question of "which is your favourite" but rather "which do you love the least".

プラリネ、プラリネ、 :D

Posted: 2009-03-16 13:18
by kirei_lanford
okay.. okay freckle... from now on ill be saying praline, instead of purarine... so i don't have to change all the english words to katakana,... gravity to ??? ,,, dreaming to doriimingu etc..

i always give up it were u..

RE: time to rank again!! ur all time MAAYA best ^

Posted: 2012-02-19 05:26
by kirei_lanford
just feel the need to repost my hall of fame.... one new album, one mini album since last time..

so here goes the revision:

20. okaerinasai
19. topia
18. remedy
17. uchuu hikoushi no uta
16. afternoon repose
15. tune the rainbow
14. cloud 9
13. hello
12. dreaming
11. hikari are
10. t-shirt
9. platina
8. tomodachi
7. gravity
6. mameshiba
5. light of love
4. dive
3. yubiwa
2. kaze ga fuku hi
1. hikari no naka e

not much changes except "light of love" suddenly jump out of nowhere.. this song rules me out since i discovered the "4:30 factor" heaven "just" about half a year ago.. the stupid thing is that it needs a century for me to discover this hidden gem. Me and my impatience habit. XD

also put "cloud 9" back to the ranking (not really care about the laurent voulzy factor).. and introduce "okaerinasai" and "topia".. "Topia" lead btween the two for its special meaning ;)
If "Yasashisa ni tsutsumareta nara" was maaya/kanno origin i would definitely put it in the list.

RE: time to rank again!! ur all time MAAYA best ^

Posted: 2012-02-19 07:49
by Treize
Here are my top 20:

19.Get no Satisfaction!
18.Ao no Ether
17.Sonic Boom
15.yubiwa -23 carat-
11.30 minutes night flight
9.hikare are
7.tune the rainbow
5.Ame ga Furu
2.Saigo no Kajitsu

RE: time to rank again!! ur all time MAAYA best ^

Posted: 2012-02-19 10:35
by countdown65

1. Okaerinasai
2. 03
3. everywhere
4. Kuuki to Hoshi
5. Mameshiba
6. Tell me what the rain knows
7. tune the rainbow
8. Scrap ~ Wakare no Uta
9. Yasashisa ni Tsutsumareta Nara
10. Saigo no kajitsu (short ver.)
11. DIVE
12.Yuunagi LOOP
13. Hashiru
15. Fad
16. Himitsu
17. Light of Love
18. 30minutes night flight
19. inori
20. Grapefruit

but -3- It´s too hard xD I want to add more songs ;_; xD

RE: time to rank again!! ur all time MAAYA best ^

Posted: 2012-02-19 13:47
by kirei_lanford
buddy.. okaerinasai.. r u guys sure those two deserve the no.1 or it's just temporarily just because it's fresh..? well, suit u :D

for me the rank is all-time and not current rank/casual listener type rank.