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Gravity being performed by a korean singer

Posted: 2010-01-06 22:53
by Yuki-chan
I know i know!! wth is Yuki doing here after all these years?!

well, nowadays ive been obecessed by a korean girl band (some might call them the kr ver of Morning Musume, i dun agree)
anyways, one of the girls is a radio DJ n i listen to her program often n yesterday's guests sang Maaya;s gravity XDD

it was a shock for me!! i mean, it isnt like Gravity or Wolf's Rain r famous...

so i made a cut n im sharing wit u ppl XDDD

hope this kind of event keeps happening to light my fire for maaya again XDD

Posted: 2010-01-07 12:53
by dillpops
Aww that's a really nice performance (if the English is a bit fuzzy) what a lovely voice. Thanks for sharing Yuki! And I must say it's nice to see you around!!

Posted: 2010-01-07 23:30
by itada19

Hahahaha! XD

Someone singing Maaya's song...that's great

thanks for sharing!

Posted: 2010-01-09 22:31
by Yuki-chan
Dilly, still strong here in Maayas!! i must say im rly impressed n kinda jealous >_< i juz dun feel like maayas has a place for yuki anymore hAUhUAhUAhUA

and i agree XDD Maaya's english is waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay better and the guy failed at his part XDD

Ganbare everyone!! keep the forum alive plz!! i love you all!!

Posted: 2010-01-09 23:26
by jigenbakuda
Wow, that is cool, I love maaya, but I never heard any of her songs covered by anyone popular(so I'm not the most devout fan...), I heard fan covers, but still... She sung it okay,but of course maaa's version is better.

Actually... has anyone famous covered other maaya songs?

Posted: 2010-01-10 06:50
by Hale
;; Youtube quality is painfully bad. :/

Couldn't really enjoy the song sadly because I could barely make out the words(and it's not because of the singer, it's because of the quality D: )

Posted: 2010-01-23 00:25
by gradualpetrify
yea ppl sing maaya songs. no matter how good or bad they do idc i think its cool because in the end they just make promotion for maaya.
they just cannot get me. this is defenitly the first and last time im a fan like this. fan of music combined with a woman. almost like a 12 year old teenager fan of a boygroup lmao.

Posted: 2010-01-25 07:47
by Yuki-chan
AHuHauHAuHAUhUA blame radio broadcast n u2b convertions hUAhUAhUA not very different from what i had here ;3