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"Daddy Long Legs" musical CD

Posted: 2014-02-28 10:23
by roxfan
Just got this in my email.
ミュージカル『ダディ・ロング・レッグズ~足ながおじさんより~』ハイライト・スタジオ録音盤CD 発売決定!!予約受付を開始します


Relevant info:

A CD with highlights from the musical "Daddy Long Legs" to be released. About 20 songs from the musical has been recorded in a studio.

Price: 3200 yen
Release date: middle of June 2014
Track listing not yet fixed, about 20 tracks planned
Delivery charge 500 yen
Limited bonus available if reserved via fanclub

RE: "Daddy Long Legs" musical CD

Posted: 2014-03-07 15:17
by sakamotomari
so we will listen to Maaya's songs in the musical formally!the secret of happiness!Thanks for your information,although I have known it. :)

RE: "Daddy Long Legs" musical CD

Posted: 2014-05-22 11:05
by roxfan
CD track listing announced.
1 一番年上のみなし児 坂本真綾
2 この人は誰? 坂本真綾
3 ミスター女の子嫌い 井上芳雄、坂本真綾
4 年寄り 井上芳雄
5 他の子のように 井上芳雄、坂本真綾
6 知らなかったこと 井上芳雄、坂本真綾
7 彼女の愛とは? 井上芳雄
8 ヤな子 坂本真綾
9 いつ会おう? 井上芳雄
10 あなたの目の色 井上芳雄、坂本真綾
11 他の子たちとは(リプライズ) 井上芳雄
12 ロックウイロー 井上芳雄、坂本真綾
13 幸せの秘密 坂本真綾
14 あなたの目の色(リプライズ1) 井上芳雄、坂本真綾
15 ショーウィンドウの女の子 井上芳雄、坂本真綾
16 世界で一番わからない人 坂本真綾
17 なり得ない男 井上芳雄
18 幸せの秘密(リプライズ) 井上芳雄、坂本真綾
19 煮え湯 井上芳雄
20 卒業式 井上芳雄、坂本真綾
21 チャリティ 井上芳雄
22 心を引き裂いた 井上芳雄、坂本真綾
23 卒業式(リプライズ) 井上芳雄、坂本真綾
24 あなたの目の色(リプライズ2) 坂本真綾
25 ヤな奴(リプライズ) 井上芳雄、坂本真綾
26 いつも 井上芳雄、坂本真綾

RE: "Daddy Long Legs" musical CD

Posted: 2014-09-10 13:18
by TomoyoHime
I want video~

Re: "Daddy Long Legs" musical CD

Posted: 2017-11-24 15:27
by roxfan
DVD announced! see viewtopic.php?f=6&t=1112

Re: "Daddy Long Legs" musical CD

Posted: 2018-01-17 14:25
by slerched
I apologize for posting this in a thread so old, but based on this forum and seeing another member had gotten CD Japan to list the DVD version of Daddy Long Legs, I went ahead and requested the proxy service for the CD as well.

I know... 4 years later, slerched is late to the party. Didn't even know the CD existed until I was trolling here, so thanks to everyone here for that!

Guessing many of you already have this, but I didn't.

You can find the listing here:

It says it's a DVD, but we know that's not the case and I definitely sent the links to the item directly from what I found here (which I got to using the links in the original post in this thread):

Re: "Daddy Long Legs" musical CD

Posted: 2018-01-17 14:52
by roxfan
Thanks for the update and taking the initiative! I've got the CD shortly after it was released, IIRC via another proxy service, but CDJapan is certainly more well-known and this could be useful for other fans.

Re: "Daddy Long Legs" musical CD

Posted: 2018-01-17 15:05
by slerched
I have found that the fees CD Japan offers are reasonable compared to say, Buyee and Rinkya.

I love Buyee since I can buy whatever I want within reason myself without needing someone to help. It has some quirks and it can be pretty expensive.

Rinkya is like white glove service and they are great but it's the most expensive option I've found. They are really responsive and generally great folks. Just... expensive.

Hopefully if someone else finds their way to they can just jump in and order. ;-)