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Music only or do you think about the quality too?

Posted: 2005-09-13 21:06
by Merri
I guess I just have made my first bigger step to what they call HiFi. I'm not planning to get much if any further, but I bought new higher quality speakers. At the moment waiting for them to ship from Germany. This far I've survived with a bit of a higher end computer speakers, meaning they make better sound than most of all the cheap computer speakers out there. The new speakers cost five times the price my current speakers cost. I can only hope they really are worth the money, I tend to avoid too costy stuff.

For quite a some time I've listened most of my music in APE format. Compressed, but lossless. MP3 is lossy, you lose quality. My ears can even hear some of the artefacts lossy compression makes. It isn't too bad, but it does bother at times when you hear a lossy version of a song you've heard as lossless a few times. I'm not utterly into quality though, I have some 64 kbps mono MP3s which I listen to and don't have a need for a better one :)

Posted: 2005-09-14 08:21
by chibiNekomancer
Well i guess the point is that in order not notice the difference you need a high quality speakers no?

Usually what i do is get high quality for the songs i like more and the rest just keep it at 160 or less. But in the end i could not really say if they sound better or worse. Surely i do notice the difference betwen 128 kbps and 320 kbps mp3 but i don't have manya APE format music. The only music that i keep super high quality is of Maaya's albums... tough its harder to get if you don't have the cds to rip it from >.<

But cool that you got new speakers, maybe you can give us a thumbs up or tell us how bad they were XD
(i hope they are great and make your house dance)

Posted: 2005-09-14 09:12
by Merri
The plans are to have a contest with my dad's speakers and the new ones I get for myself :D Namely his speakers in the upstairs should give out more power, but I think the power isn't the only factor... ;) Might be I can get more power without sound breaking up. Atleast I hope so :)

Oh, most of the artefacts are easy to hear with headphones. I have a bit better ones, though those cost only about 40 euros. Been well worth the money.

Posted: 2005-09-19 14:39
by Gibb
I'm sure your new speakers will definately be worth the money. I've spent most of my last few years listening to music through Winamp on my PCs average speakers. When I moved back in with my folks a couple months back, I had access to my father's pretty nice surround sound setup. I placed an audio cd in the dvd player and was blown away by how good it sounds. It almost ruined my ability to listen to music at work or in the car because it sounds so much better at home. I guess i just need to smuggle the speakers to work and back every day ;)

Posted: 2005-09-19 15:20
by Merri
That wouldn't be too bothersome in my case, the speakers I have aren't the biggest around even though you can get big noise out of them :) I actually have no external power to them at all, all power they get come from the soundcard. I need only one cable (which I made myself out of old spare headphone cable I had) and the pair of speakers.

If anyone didn't notice, I got the speakers :) Pretty happy with the quality, they sound like the headphones I had earlier. Just a bit less bass, but I can hear the artefacts now when listening to MP3s (especially the ones that are encoded using a worse encoder).

Posted: 2005-09-21 15:03
by Bazaa
Well, I'm a bit picky choosing my earphones, because I use them all the time, but nothing very expensive (and above 20€ is expensive for me), so I can't notice anything that doesn't sound good on a normal 128kbps mp3. Anything that sounds good on my iRiver makes me happy XD And I use iZotope Ozone in the PC to get decent sound, because the screen's speakers are horrible (never buy a screen with speakers =_=)
I was thinking about getting some Koss earplugs, but they're 24€ here and I don't know if they're good and if I'll get used to that kind of earphones... Oh well. :roll:

Posted: 2005-09-25 21:27
by Igamelec
Good sound output is really important and I have a good sound card and good speakers myself but I'd like to get more... Once I get some more money some time...

Also see to having a good equalizer to further increase listening enjoyment ^^